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A Community-Driven Plan

The City of Riviera Beach has committed to making this update of the Comprehensive Plan focus on the needs and desires of all, throughout the city.  Engagement with the community has been a priority every step of the way...

  • Public open house meetings to present findings and solicit input from the community

  • Meetings with senior groups, businesses, community organizations, schools, and other key stakeholders

  • Attendance at events to raise awareness about the update

  • Involvement from every city department and program

Open House

The first Comprehensive Plan Open House was held Tuesday April 18th, 2023 at the Marina Event Center. Many community members and leaders came out to give input and tell their stories in an interactive setting.

Community Feedback Meeting

A Comprehensive Plan Open House was held Thursday August 17th, 2023 at the Wells Recreation Center. Ideas for changes to the Plan were presented for community feedback, and a new direction for the Plan began to come to fruition.

Riviera Beach Stories!

Some of our city's residents who attended the Open House shared their stories, thoughts and feelings about Riviera Beach. Watch a quick preview below!

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